Schneider Electric European Hackathon

Schneider Electric European Hackathon

Schneider Electric European Hackathon

The Schneider Electric Hackathon is the first coding competition organized by Schneider Electric and powered by Nuwe at the European level.

The main objective of this hackathon is for the participants to show their skills, win prizes and have a chance of getting hired in Schneider Electric, a multinational company that offers digital solutions in the energy and automatization fields in order to achieve efficiency and sustainability.


The two categories available for the participants to compete are Data Science and Cybersecurity, two of the most top trending IT fields.

  • Data Science Challenge

The data science challenge will consist in creating an image classification model, which from a given dataset, predicts what type of deforestation appears in the image with the objective of early detection of this type of actions in protected lands.

  • Cybersecurity challenge

The cybersecurity challenge will consist of detecting and analyzing threats in vulnerable environments. The challenge has been designed so that it can be done from a student to a senior profile.


You only have to do one of the challenges, which can be done individually or with a maximum of 3 members per team.


The winners of the hackathon will be decided by a jury composed of the Schneider Electric staff. These winners will be announced via email and in Nuwe’s platform 7 to 10 days after the event (weekend days not included).

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